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As published in The Times Herald on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. 

Methacton Needs New Ideas, New Vision

Methacton School District is at a crossroads. The decisions made by our leadership in the next four years will have long-lasting impacts on both the fiscal health of our district and the quality of education that we can provide our students. The guidance from our school directors will be more critical than ever to successfully navigate a sea of fiscal and educational challenges.

We are a bipartisan team of parents, not politicians. We believe that ideas are more important than party affiliations. We each have a vested interest in ensuring that all students receive the exceptional Methacton education our community has come to expect.

We are active community leaders, not merely participants. We understand and appreciate the full impact of our decisions on both children and taxpayers. That drives us to dig deeper, learn more, and make the most informed decisions possible.

Today, our district faces growing maintenance and capital needs for our facilities, and does so under a cloud of unprecedented budget pressures. More than ever, we need School Directors with the right motivations and the necessary leadership experience to drive strategic long-range facilities planning and ensure the most efficient use of our limited resources.

Our incumbent opponents have already shown their propensity to make short-sighted decisions that endanger the long-term financial stability of the district. For example:

— They neglected maintenance on our schools, leading to $100 million in overdue repairs.

— They financed district bond issues at *variable* interest rates in 2015, instead of locking in historically low fixed interest rates. In the last year, payments have already increased by $75,000 per year for the next 11 years, and they will only go up more.

— They voted to outsource the district’s food service and transportation services, causing frustration for parents, but no proven cost savings for taxpayers.

— Mr. Rothe voted against third party oversight of the high school fields project, leading to $1.9m in cost overruns.

— Ms. Vavra led the failed legal crusade to stop the district from putting lights on the high school fields, costing the district $231,000 in legal fees.

— Ms. Hackett voted to close two of the district’s five elementary schools, which would have doomed half of Lower Providence to even longer bus rides, increased class sizes beyond district policy, and jeopardized the quality of education in Methacton.

These are easy decisions to get right and our opponents have gotten them wrong — over and over again.

Yet through it all, our students, teachers, and staff have produced an unending stream of accomplishments and success stories that span academics, athletics, extracurriculars, and the arts. These stories prove that Methacton’s future is as bright as its past, and reinforces that a quality Methacton education must remain the foremost priority of our district.

When our students achieve and succeed — and we promote that success — our entire community wins. It makes Methacton School District even more desirable for prospective new families, which in turn drives demand for our homes, sparks new commercial investment, and ultimately improves the financial foundation for our schools.

This election is about new ideas and a new vision; it is about building Methacton’s future together. The educational quality in our district is unquestionable, but the administrative failings and lack of accountability jeopardizes our promising future.

On Tuesday, November 7th, please vote for the new bipartisan team with proven track records of leadership in our community and the drive to execute our collective vision for the future of Methacton schools.

– Candidates: Mary Hull, Jennifer Cancro, Ralph Navarrete, Elizabeth Drummond

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Prioritize Educational Excellence

  • Support the Methacton administration in enacting their Whole Child initiative, where every student is engaged, supported, and challenged from kindergarten through high school.
  • Ensure STEM education among all district elementary schools is accessible and consistent, and includes proper resources,training, and tools.
  • Improve the implementation and management of special education programming.
  • Enhance opportunities at all age levels for personal development through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Improve Fiscal Responsibility

  • Demonstrate transparency and accountability in financial management and budgeting.
  • Maintain the district’s facilities up to our community’s standards.
  • Implement strategic long-range facilities planning to ensure sufficient resource allocation.

Strengthen Community Relationships

  • Encourage greater community engagement through partnerships with residents and local businesses.
  • Increase interaction between local youth organizations and their counterpart programs in the school district.
  • Expand communications with local, state, and federal officials to promote the financial interests of Methacton and the educational goals of our mission to “Learn, Lead, and Succeed Together.”


MARY HULLExperienced Volunteer Coordinator & District Committee Member
Mary Hull is a 16-year Lower Providence resident. She graduated from Central Bucks East High School in Bucks County, and she holds a BA in Government from Lehigh University. Her professional career includes marketing support, and both software and website development.

Since 2011, Mary has been an active member of Arrowhead Elementary School’s Home and School Association. She managed its media content and communications, has held multiple elected positions on its Executive Board, and recently served as its President. She was also a Methacton Coordinating Council Representative. Whether participating as a homeroom parent, event/committee chair, or volunteer coordinator, Mary has an established record of reliability. She has provided support, feedback, and fundraising efforts for the implementation of educational and social programs throughout Methacton School District. Most recently, she has served on the MSD Consolidation Committee’s Redistricting Subcommittee, the MSD Focus Committee for Parent Portal Evaluations, and the MSD Communication Focus Committee. In sharing her insights with the school district, Mary has collaborated with the administration and has been a vocal advocate for the community in which she lives.

She and her husband, Ken, have three children that range in age from 9 to 14 and who attend Methacton schools and Visitation BVM PREP. Mary and Ken have enjoyed cheering their children on through their participation in Valley Forge Patriots Softball, Towamencin Xplosion Travel Softball, ARA travel and Rec basketball and baseball, Arcola basketball and softball, Visitation CYO basketball, Skyview and Arcola Orchestras, and Pack 119 Cub Scouts.

Mary believes her years of experience with parents, teachers, administration, and the community have provided insight into how to help Methacton create an environment where our students thrive, our community prospers, and our administration is most efficient.

JEN CANCROLicensed Occupational Therapist & Child Advocate
Jennifer Cancro is a recognizable and engaged member of the community. She earned her Bachelors of Science from Boston University in Occupational Therapy. She and her husband, Wayne, have resided in Worcester Township for over 7 years with their four children. She has been a member of the Worcester Elementary Home & School board for four years, serving as President for the past two and overseeing the scope of its volunteers, programs, and events. She has also served on the Methacton School District Special Focus Committee for Extracurricular/Co-Curricular Activities and the Communications Focus Committee.

Whether volunteering at a school district event or at Visitation’s parish activities, Jennifer’s focus is on creating an inclusive, supportive atmosphere for the community in which she lives. Her vision—and strengths—are fortified in transparent communication, fiscal management, and outlined direction.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and encouraging their diverse interests. Her children participate in Visitation BVM PREP, Robotics Club, Melody Chimes Music Club, Methacton Warriors Football, ARA Recreation Basketball and Baseball, the Collegeville Cougars Lacrosse, Whitpain Greens Swim Team, Methacton United Travel and Recreational Soccer, and Methacton Girls Lacrosse.

When elected, Jennifer will promote the “whole child concept” so that each student will have opportunities to strive towards his/her own growth and achievement. She plans to foster community relationships in order to promote the overall value of the district. Implementation of long range forecasting and management of current needs are her goals to ensure fiscal responsibility. Jennifer will also promote and help develop opportunities at all age levels in extracurricular/co-curricular activities and athletics to enhance growth within Methacton Schools. Her ultimate goal is to encapsulate Methacton’s slogan to “Learn, Lead and Succeed- Together”

RALPH NAVARRETEBusiness Expert & Community Leader
Ralph Navarrete is a 15-year active community leader in Methacton School District, where his two children attend school and his wife is an elementary school teacher. He earned his MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from Villanova University, and his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Ralph’s professional experience is well-suited to driving fiscal improvements in Methacton. He has spent the last 19 years in sales, strategy, and business development roles in the downstream oil and gas industry. In his current role, Ralph actively manages the sales, marketing, and product development for a global chemicals business, and develops and maintains the strategic plans that guide future growth and Research and Development efforts.

Within the Methacton community, Ralph has been a regular volunteer. He has participated in the WATCH D.O.G.S® dad program, and has served on the Methacton Strategic Planning Committee. He has been a coach for local youth baseball and soccer teams, a PIAA and American Legion baseball umpire, and currently serves as President of Methacton United Soccer Club.

Ralph wants Methacton to be the first school district that families consider when moving to Montgomery County. He believes in a stronger priority for educational excellence and in strengthening the ties that bind community to schools. He also supports improving the district’s fiscal discipline and long-term planning, particularly at this time of uncertain future school funding.

ELIZABETH DRUMMONDDedicated Community Leader and Management Professional
Elizabeth (Liz) Drummond has lived in Lower Providence for 18 years. She attended Springfield, Delaware County public schools, and then received her BS in Psychology from Penn State and her MBA in Marketing from University of Pittsburgh. Professionally, she is a Program Assistant at Penn State Cooperative Extension and Clearances Coordinator for Bucks and Montgomery Counties. She has extensive experience in talent acquisition, budget and credit management, project coordination, and compliance. She and her husband, Ryan, an Engineering Manager, are proud parents of two girls, a 7th grader and a 3rd grader in Methacton School District.

Liz’s engagement in the Methacton School District community is well-established. She served on three Home and School Boards last school year: President at Woodland Elementary, Co-President at Arcola Intermediate School, and Vice President of the Methacton Coordinating Council. In years past, she has served as Home & School Treasurer at both Woodland and Skyview Upper Elementary. She has chaired fundraising and social committees for the school communities, and she was a weekly library volunteer at Woodland from 2012 to 2017. Liz has also supported the school district by serving on the Focus Committee for Parent Portal evaluations.

For over five years, Liz has been actively involved in leadership with the Girl Scouts of America. She has been a volunteer with her daughters’ Troops, and since 2014 she has served as Service Unit 648’s Treasurer. Recently, she was the Service Unit Cookie Manager, a position requiring excellent organizational and accounting skills. She has also served as a volunteer tax preparer for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

Liz supports her children’s involvement in Girl Scouts, band, chorus, martial arts, Chess Club, Math Club, environmental club, and Women in Aerospace and Technology at West Chester Helicopter Museum.

As a Methacton School Board Director, Liz will focus on fiscal responsibility, explore full day kindergarten and work to enhance STEM education in the district, particularly at the elementary level.


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