Caring–We Support for Whole Child Education

Our focus is on making every student feel safe, supported, and engaged within the school community.
We will continue to build innovative services to join the newly-established REACH Mental Health Program and K-12 Career Counselor.

Collaborative–We Direct through Experienced, Bipartisan Leadership

We are a team of accomplished school board directors and committed community volunteers.
Our bipartisan team possesses the professional experience to further improve school district operations and collaborate on new initiatives.

Committed–We Operate with Fiscal Efficiency

We are committed to providing cost-effective, quality education and service, developed and delivered through a transparent budgeting process.
We are resolved to invest in Methacton’s facilities to meet the current and future needs to all students, staff, and residents


We support an education plan that uses the “whole child” approach. In Methacton, our goal must be to ensure that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Under CARE’s guidance

  • The Methacton School District has instituted the REACH school-based mental health program that supports student’s growing emotional and behavioral health needs
  • The district hired a full-time K-12 career counselor to strengthen college and trade readiness
  • Explorations of career options through the North Montco Technical Career Center have increased
  • STEM education among all district elementary schools has been augmented, and includes proper resources, training, and tools for staff
  • The athletic department expanded its programming to include Arcola girls’ volleyball and boys’ lacrosse, as well as Methacton Unified Sports, which joins students with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team
  • District policy is followed which keeps class size regulated at the elementary level to ensure our youngest students receive the attention and care they need. Additional classes are created if necessary as enrollment increases
  • Improvements to administrative staffing is in place, with revised and more consistent job descriptions and a collaborative interview process
  • Communication among the school district, student families, and all taxpayers has been refined and improved, including promotional videos, better electronic communications, website redesign, increased school board/administration responsiveness, and ensuring all constituents are notified of important community matters


We are the only team of bipartisan advocates and parent volunteers who have spent time volunteering in Methacton Schools and served  as leaders on boards and committees for Home & School Associations as well as Methacton Post Prom. On this team, we are

  • Former Home & School committee chairs
  • Former Home & School executive board members
  • Home & School committee members and regular volunteers for library, lunch duty, homeroom parenting, school day and after school activities
  • Yearly Methacton Post-Prom volunteers who have chaired its committees, worked security and stations throughout the event, and attended its fundraisers
  • Motivated to enhance opportunities at all age levels for all learners through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities
  • Encouraging increased community interaction with residents, local businesses, and youth organizations
  • Professionals with experience in education, finance, management, and STEM


Over the past four years, we have established school board transparency and fiscal efficiency in Methacton’s operations and business practices. We have laid the groundwork to continue to improve the district by

  • Reinstating school board work sessions so that dialogue and decision-making processes are witnessed and documented
  • Making public all information about the district’s current state of facilities so that the neglect that accumulated for the years prior to 2015 can be analyzed and addressed
  • Using informed decision-making techniques to guide the district’s direction with building and property management
  • Openly receiving opinions and data from the community regarding population studies, facility needs, and curriculum choices, while sharing the same information from the board’s and administration’s perspectives
  • Continuing implementation of strategic long-range facilities planning to ensure sufficient resource allocation and to maintain community standards
  • Supporting of professional development for teachers and staff, as well as for innovative learning, such as the Wilkes STEM Partnership, and the high number of Google-certified teachers in the district
  • Approving the addition of AP courses to the high school curriculum as/when needed, such as the additions of AP Computer Science, AP Capstone, and AP German
  • Promoting our students’ development of necessary global skills: communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, empathy, perseverance, and lifetime learning


Kim Aubrey-Larcinese

Kim Aubrey-Larcinese is the current President of the Methacton School Board, and a member of the Policy Committee, on which she was the former Chair. Before being elected to the Methacton School Board, Ms. Aubrey-Larcinese served as a Home & School Officer for Woodland Elementary, and volunteered regularly in the district’s schools. She earned her BA in English and Women’s Studies from Temple University. Her professional career has included work as a medical editor for numerous trade publications and regulatory affairs manager for FDA guidelines. She has been an active volunteer with multiple community organizations, including Methacton Baseball Association, Methacton United Soccer, and the Boy Scouts of America. Ms. Aubrey-Larcinese lives in Lower Providence Township with her husband, a Methacton grad and lifelong resident, and their two sons.

Drew Maginnis

Drew Maginnis is a Methacton grad and community volunteer. He holds a BS in Business/Marketing from LaSalle University, and an MBA from Villanova University. He is employed as the Director of Operations for a telecommunications service provider.  Mr. Maginnis has enjoyed volunteering as a coach for youth football and baseball in his free time, as well as on the events board of For Pete’s Sake, a local non-profit charity that helps adult cancer patients and their loved ones. Mr. Maginnis’ Methacton pride runs deep, and he relishes the opportunity to now serve as a school board director for the community that supported him when he was a student.  He lives with his wife, an active community volunteer herself, and their children, in Worcester Township.

Paul Winters

Paul Winters is a current Methacton School Board director, serving on the Education and Policy Committees. Previously, he sat on the Finance Committee, and represented Methacton at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. He is employed as a Business Analyst and has experience working in accounting and systems controlling. Mr. Winters has served as a volunteer for Methacton United and ARA Baseball, and has an annual commitment as an all-night volunteer for Methacton Post Prom. He also played a lead role in securing Simon’s Fund heart screenings for Methacton students aged 12-19.  He enjoys supporting his son’s involvement in martial arts and student government, and spending time with his wife, who is a dedicated volunteer in the community. They reside, along with his father-in-law, in Lower Providence.

Semira Perdue

Semira Perdue has made Worcester Township her home. She and her family are active school event participants, and she is a reliable member of multiple committees at both Worcester Elementary and Skyview Upper Elementary. Ms. Perdue is a scientist and international regulatory affairs manager for a multinational pharmaceutical company. She holds a BS in Biology from Temple University, and a MS in Microbiology from Thomas Jefferson University. She has worked on vaccine manufacturing and as a process development engineer. She is involved with the Central Schwenkfelder Church County Fair, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) USA, Cub Scout Pack 200 as a committee member, Manna on Main Street, and a mentoring program for middle school students. She and her husband cheer on their two young sons at Methacton United Soccer games, wrestling tournaments, and their other activities, as well as stand in proud support of their older son, who is a US Army recruit.

Andrea Rees

Andrea Rees is a current Methacton School Board Director, serving as Chair of the Education Committee, as a member of the Policy Committee, and as Vice President of the North Montgomery Technical Career Center Joint Operating Committee (JOC). She has been a public school teacher for almost 20 years, beginning her career teaching third grade at Radnor School District. Since 2003 she has taught gifted support, 6th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies, and 7th grade Reading for Spring-Ford Area School District. Ms. Rees holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications from Penn State University and a Master’s in Education from Chestnut Hill College. In addition, she is a Pennsylvania Writing and Literacy Fellow. When she is not in the classroom or volunteering in Methacton School District as a board director or parent, she is supporting her three children on the soccer field, basketball court, track and swimming pool. She and her family reside in Lower Providence Township.


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